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1. Common Graduation Problems

Once you have finally made it through your four or five years of college it is time for you to graduate. You must feel elated! The funny thing is, now that you have made it this far the school is going to miss you so much they want to keep you there. Now, because they want to see you stay since you moving on with your life is too much for the school to handle many different issues might start to surface. Don’t think the school is trying to be mean…They just love you so much.

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By Megan Harry
Tags: graduation, problems, students, degree, evaluation, advisor, tuition, bursar, register, holds
2. Let Your School Work for You

You do a lot of work for school, so why shouldn’t you make your school work for you? With the amount of money paid in tuition, it hardly seems worth to just go to class and go home. You should try to find ways to utilize your school’s tools and allow the programs to help you. It will require you to put in extra time on-campus, but the benefits will certainly outweigh the negatives.


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By Jeanelle DeMarco
Tags: school, career center, library, tutoring, professors, tuition, college
3. Popular Colleges Online

With everything being done online these days colleges are taking to the Internet as well. People are becoming busier and with the lack of time it is getting harder for them to find the desire to go back to school. Because of this there are many schools now offering entire degrees online. The more schools available online the more people will start heading back and realizing that there is time for online classes.

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By Megan Fisher
Tags: phoinex university, American Intercontinental University, online, colleges, accredited, tuition
4. College Payment: Military

With the rising price of tuition and the ever-increasing pressure to go to college, it is a wonder how the “twenty-somethings” are not in deeper debt than they are. Paying for college is an incredible burden, especially for those students footing the entire bill. Sure, there are many payment plans and options such as scholarships, loans, and FAFSA, but what about the military?

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By Steven Laney
Tags: Military, Air Force, National Guard, Marines, College Loan Repayment Program, tuition, loans
5. Paying for School

As if choosing a school is not hard enough, now you have to figure out how you want to pay for it. Sadly, unlike choosing where you want to go, you have no choice here; you have to pay your tuition or else…

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By Amanda Valenti
Tags: payment options, FAFSA, scholarships, student loans, fees, tuition, credit score, college, grace period
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