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1. Attend an Accredited Online School

Attending an online school is great for the students who really work better when they can do the work on their own time. The problem here is, not all online schools are accredited and you might be wasting your money if you are unsure. It is easy to make sure the online school you are taking classes with is accredited.

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By Ron Waylan
Tags: School, Online, Accredited, classes, web-site, research, transfer, credits
2. Online Associate Degree

With all of the college lingo being tossed at you while you’re trying to finish high school or decide where to go to college, it can get confusing. Something that confused me for years was what an Associate’s Degree meant.

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By Daniel Marcus
Tags: Degree, Associate's, college, community college, university, credits, money, specialize, transfer, business school
3. Start at Community College then Transfer

Start at Community College can be very beneficial for many students that are undecided as it may alleviate some of the pressure of having to choose the right school school right away.

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By Student Blogger
Tags: community college, transfer, selecting a four year school, majors
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