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1. Socializing with a High GPA; How Can it be Done?

The time spent at a college or university is generally characterized by two different phases for most students. The two phases are studying and leisure time for the majority of students at college.

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By Jessica Tellman
Tags: students, colleges, universities, study, GPA, tests, quizzes, homework, assignments
2. Taking Trips Away from College

Given that there are stresses that are encountered in everyone's college career, there are also ways to deal with them. It is important to find some time just to relax.

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By Sarah Denburg
Tags: new york, florida, students, colleges, universities, spring break, study, break, vacation
3. Distractions While Studying: What to Avoid

Most students are very excited to enter the college or university that they chose to enroll in and enjoy the newfound independence that comes with this experience.

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By Miranda Mantashian
Tags: study, college, university, students, homework, assignments, test, quizzes
4. Meal Plans: Do You Need Them?

The process of entering a college or university can be somewhat haphazard and require you to make many decisions on a whim. Before moving in to your new dormitory you will have to decide if you wish to choose a roommate with whom to live or be assigned one by your college.

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By Susan Bellavia
Tags: college, university, students, meal plan, study, room mate
5. Roommates; Choose One or Get Assigned?

Before you enter the college or university you chose to attend there are a number of things that you must take into account. You have to buy supplies and prepare yourself for the new experience and in some ways life that is college.

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By Samantha Hagy
Tags: roommates, college, university, dorm rooms, friends, study, rooms, rooming, college rooming
6. Are You Ready to Start College?

Starting college is a serious milestone in a person's life and it requires a certain level of commitment from the student to make it a pleasant experience. Just gaining acceptance to a college or university takes a concerted effort from you.

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By Jenna Mendoza
Tags: college, university, new student, study, education, career, jobs
7. Drinking Coffee to Stay Awake

In college, you will often find yourself up late at night. Sometimes you will be awake at three in the morning coming back from a party, and in this case, the first thing you want to do is to head to your bed and sleep in until the early morning.

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By Steven Brenna
Tags: college, awake, energy, caffeine, coffee, sleep, study, work, homework
8. 4 Tips for The Master’s Student

It can be hard going to college for four years and then committing to another two in order to earn your Master’s Degree. Though might sound like the last you want to do, it will be something that can help boost your career as well as your paycheck. Whether you have a job and will be attending school part time or are just going to focus solely on your degree, it will not be the easiest thing in the world, but it will likely be easier than those four years you just spent taking courses you know you will never use.


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By Danielle Raegan
Tags: Master's Degree, students, graduate school, on campus, online, time, study, classes, work, job, pay
9. 5 Study Tips

We all know how important it is to make time for studying. Though making time for it can be hard enough, that is actually the easy part. Learning how to study is an art form. Many students lack the skills it takes to efficiently study for a given subject and this can stem back to poor note taking or just no interest in the subject.

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By Marissa Toller
Tags: Study, notes, re-writing, flash cards, highlight, type, test, quiz, professor, questions
10. What is Career College?

Career college is a school that students can attend who only want to study their concentrated area. This leaves out the general education courses that a traditional four-year college requires such as English and math. It is a quicker way to get the education you desire, though it is not acceptable for all career choices.

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By Ana Schiff
Tags: Career, college, classes, field, business, health, atuomotive, car, engine, school, study
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