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1. Socializing with a High GPA; How Can it be Done?

The time spent at a college or university is generally characterized by two different phases for most students. The two phases are studying and leisure time for the majority of students at college.

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By Jessica Tellman
Tags: students, colleges, universities, study, GPA, tests, quizzes, homework, assignments
2. Taking Trips Away from College

Given that there are stresses that are encountered in everyone's college career, there are also ways to deal with them. It is important to find some time just to relax.

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By Sarah Denburg
Tags: new york, florida, students, colleges, universities, spring break, study, break, vacation
3. Living On a College Income

Most students are very excited to enter the college or university that they chose to enroll in and enjoy the newfound independence that comes with this experience.

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By Sarah Carter
Tags: college, university, students, money, career, jobs, income, campus jobs, bills, entertainment, food, friends
4. Distractions While Studying: What to Avoid

Most students are very excited to enter the college or university that they chose to enroll in and enjoy the newfound independence that comes with this experience.

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By Miranda Mantashian
Tags: study, college, university, students, homework, assignments, test, quizzes
5. Meal Plans: Do You Need Them?

The process of entering a college or university can be somewhat haphazard and require you to make many decisions on a whim. Before moving in to your new dormitory you will have to decide if you wish to choose a roommate with whom to live or be assigned one by your college.

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By Susan Bellavia
Tags: college, university, students, meal plan, study, room mate
6. Are You Prepared for College?

After graduating high school it really feels like the rest of your life is about to start. In a way you would be right. Another chapter of your life is about to begin but the rest of your life really starts after college graduation. Before worrying about the rest of your life you should think about whether or not you are prepared for college. This is a very important time in your life so approaching it the right way is of the utmost importance.

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By Selena Lopez
Tags: students, prepare, college, courses, reading, tests, quizzes, papers, class, work
7. Common Graduation Problems

Once you have finally made it through your four or five years of college it is time for you to graduate. You must feel elated! The funny thing is, now that you have made it this far the school is going to miss you so much they want to keep you there. Now, because they want to see you stay since you moving on with your life is too much for the school to handle many different issues might start to surface. Don’t think the school is trying to be mean…They just love you so much.

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By Megan Harry
Tags: graduation, problems, students, degree, evaluation, advisor, tuition, bursar, register, holds
8. Math Minds and Creative Minds

Starting around high school is when students begin to realize whether they are math minds or creative minds. The creative minds lean more towards writing and theater while the math minds revel in math and science. Whichever category you fall into can make the other subjects difficult. Take this from a creative mind who has dreaded math since sixth grade. For the past seven years math has been a black cloud hanging over my head pointing and laughing the entire time.

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By Kate McDonald
Tags: math, creative, help, students, college, writing, methods, essays
9. Do Your Professors Know Who You Are?

Once you have finally made it to college you are likely thinking that you want to do your best, get straight A’s, make all new friends, and make sure these are the most successful four to five years of your life. Although these are all important there is one aspect of college that students tend to leave out and that is getting to know your professors. You have to remember these are people who have lived and breathed in the field you are about to study, so who better to befriend than your professors?

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By Sienna Marshall
Tags: questions, E-mail, students, questions, class, meetings
10. Common College Questions

Entering the world of college is a new experience for those who have just graduated high school. The expectations are higher and there is a whole new pair for shoes for you to fill. It can be scary going from high school to college with simply an orientation to prepare you. There is more to know than any orientation can inform you of, but doing your research beforehand can help you become more knowledgeable before the big day arrives.

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By Josh Dealer
Tags: college, questions, students, administration, professors, classes, books, work, reading
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