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1. 3 People to Know Well in School

When you are in school it is always a good idea to know the higher ups that will be involved in your education. Through personal experience, I have developed a short list of people you should get to know to the best of your abilities in order to increase your success and make your experience that much easier.


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By Daniella Morgan
Tags: provost, professors, classes, advisors, head of department, majors, minors, math
2. High School Senior Year

Your high school senior year is not a time to slack but, but rather a time to excel. Make sure you stay on top of your grades before you graduate. This is a very important time.

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By Jenna Bradford
Tags: Senior year, High school, Graduation, Transcripts, Dean, Provost, Clubs, College, Job, Campus
3. Senior Year High School

Your senior year is a special time and one you do not want to mess up. Keep your grades up and prepare for college. The more you do now the better off you will be when it comes time for your first semester. Enjoy the ride!

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By Donna Bradford
Tags: Senior year, high school, graduate, transcripts, college, campus, job, work, assignments, Dean, Provost
4. College Application Process

The college process is not always an easy one. Once you have found your school it is time to endure the application process. This, along with finding your schools are the hardest parts. After that you just have to play to waiting game.

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By Danielle Brenner
Tags: College, Application, Schools, Writing Component, Finding Schools, Provost, Head of Admissions
5. College Language

It is important to understand the college "lingo" when you are there, so the best thing to do is learn it early. The sooner you can decode what the school is telling you, the better off you will be. There are many terms and codes schools use, but you need to start somewhere. Here you will get a jump-start on some common college terms.

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By Marie James
Tags: Bursar, Registrar, Provost, college, language, high school, major, advisor
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