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1. 3 Ways to Make Extra Money in College

It is always nice to have a few extra bucks, especially when you are in college. There are many ways students can earn extra money aside from the job they already have. The only problem is that it takes up more time than some students even have. With the a heavy load of class and homework, it can be a lot even carrying one job, so adding another job on top of that is really not an option. The good the about colleges is that there are many places where you could make a few extra bucks while not adding too much to your schedule

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By Diana Turrell
Tags: extra, money, college, organize, notes, tutor, time, work, homework, class, schedule
2. 5 Study Tips

We all know how important it is to make time for studying. Though making time for it can be hard enough, that is actually the easy part. Learning how to study is an art form. Many students lack the skills it takes to efficiently study for a given subject and this can stem back to poor note taking or just no interest in the subject.

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By Marissa Toller
Tags: Study, notes, re-writing, flash cards, highlight, type, test, quiz, professor, questions
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