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1. College Language

It is important to understand the college "lingo" when you are there, so the best thing to do is learn it early. The sooner you can decode what the school is telling you, the better off you will be. There are many terms and codes schools use, but you need to start somewhere. Here you will get a jump-start on some common college terms.

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By Marie James
Tags: Bursar, Registrar, Provost, college, language, high school, major, advisor
2. Higher Education

You want to make sure you create the best possible future for yourself. In order to do that in this day and age, it is necessary you go to college and your degree. You can go for anything you desire, but having that degree makes all the difference when trying to land a career.

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By John Freidman
Tags: Degree, Diploma, high school, college, major, goal, general education, career, job
3. Choosing Your Major

One of the most important things you will do after choosing what school you would like to attend is what you want to major in. Now, this does not need to be done in your freshman year, but your sophomore year you should at least have a good idea about what you would like to major in.

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By Amanda Valenti
Tags: major, credits, graduation, career center, academic advisor, students, interests
4. Choosing a career
By Daniel Stone
Tags: major, journalism, marketing, business, classes, interests, career center
5. Studying Abroad: Should You Do It?

 College provides a number of opportunities to experience things you haven't seen, done, or heard before and it is generally in a student's best interest to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded to them. Take the classes you want as long as you complete those required for your major, attend concerts, and see visiting lecturers as well as performers. One of the most interesting experiences provided by a majority of colleges is the ability to study abroad for a semester or more.

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By Mike Kupershteyn
Tags: college, study abroad, major, college experience, travelling, internships
6. Clubs in College: To Join or Not to Join?

While the education you obtain at school is invaluable, it may not be the most useful thing that you possess after graduating. The connections created with industry professionals and your social network will last you a lifetime and require being in school to create. Clubs afford like-minded students the opportunity to meet and create these connections.

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By Mike Kupershteyn
Tags: clubs, college, faculty advisors, making connections, career choice, major
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