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1. The FAFSA: What is It?

The FAFSA is an abbreviation for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and it is a form that is prepared annually by prospective and current college or university students which determines their eligibility for financial aid.

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By Hailey Branner
Tags: FAFSA, financial aid, student aid, scholarships, grants, loans, payments, family, FAFSA form, work study program, stafford loan, pell grant
2. College Payment: Military

With the rising price of tuition and the ever-increasing pressure to go to college, it is a wonder how the “twenty-somethings” are not in deeper debt than they are. Paying for college is an incredible burden, especially for those students footing the entire bill. Sure, there are many payment plans and options such as scholarships, loans, and FAFSA, but what about the military?

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By Steven Laney
Tags: Military, Air Force, National Guard, Marines, College Loan Repayment Program, tuition, loans
3. Tips for Finishing College

Investing time and money into your education is one of the best investments you can make. The only way to make sure your education pays off is if you finish it, so take the higher road and push through until the end. You will be more likely to make a higher pay check if you finish school than if you drop out. Use that as incentive.

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By Mark Craimer
Tags: Degree, college, money, pay check, loans, graduate, job
4. Online Learning is the Future

Students from everywhere in the world are attending American higher education institutions. But how is this possible if they are still staying in their home countries?

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By Lou Lynch -
Tags: Online Learning, higher education institutions, international students, Financial aid, loans, online classes, FAFSA, scholarships, online courses, Students, Continuing education classes
5. Are College loans a good idea if you can't keep decent grades?

It is hard enough to keep good grades when nothing depends on it; it can be even harder when the money depends on it.

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By Student Blogger
Tags: college loans, scholarships, grade dependant, college, classes, loans, school, four-year-plan, grades
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