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11. College Grad

College graduates are trained in all different areas of specialization. They are doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists, investors, and more. The fact that graduating college opens up so many doors means there is a higher demand for the college grad. Corporate companies certainly care and appreciate the college grad.

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By Mark Steiner
Tags: College, Graduate, High school, career, job, higher pay, education, doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists, investors
12. Tips for Finishing College

Investing time and money into your education is one of the best investments you can make. The only way to make sure your education pays off is if you finish it, so take the higher road and push through until the end. You will be more likely to make a higher pay check if you finish school than if you drop out. Use that as incentive.

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By Mark Craimer
Tags: Degree, college, money, pay check, loans, graduate, job
13. Higher Education

You want to make sure you create the best possible future for yourself. In order to do that in this day and age, it is necessary you go to college and your degree. You can go for anything you desire, but having that degree makes all the difference when trying to land a career.

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By John Freidman
Tags: Degree, Diploma, high school, college, major, goal, general education, career, job

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