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1. Career Tips for College Grads

So you have graduated college and are now looking for something to do for the rest of your life. Though this might seem like a scary time, it is also a very exciting time. You put in all that work and effort to get to this point, so stay organized that way you can enjoy this possibly life-changing experience.

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By Megan Mueller
Tags: Graduate, College, Organized, Resume', Companies, Classes, Internships, Job Hunting Sites, Hire, Departments, E-mail, Interview
2. Studying Abroad: Should You Do It?

 College provides a number of opportunities to experience things you haven't seen, done, or heard before and it is generally in a student's best interest to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded to them. Take the classes you want as long as you complete those required for your major, attend concerts, and see visiting lecturers as well as performers. One of the most interesting experiences provided by a majority of colleges is the ability to study abroad for a semester or more.

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By Mike Kupershteyn
Tags: college, study abroad, major, college experience, travelling, internships
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