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1. Living On a College Income

Most students are very excited to enter the college or university that they chose to enroll in and enjoy the newfound independence that comes with this experience.

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By Sarah Carter
Tags: college, university, students, money, career, jobs, income, campus jobs, bills, entertainment, food, friends
2. Roommates; Choose One or Get Assigned?

Before you enter the college or university you chose to attend there are a number of things that you must take into account. You have to buy supplies and prepare yourself for the new experience and in some ways life that is college.

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By Samantha Hagy
Tags: roommates, college, university, dorm rooms, friends, study, rooms, rooming, college rooming
3. 4 Tips for Dining Out on a Budget

We all like to eat out with friends and have a good time, but this can take a serious toll on your wallet. There are plenty of ways for students to dine out without always burning holes in their pockets. You have to know where to look and when to go and you will find that there are some really great deals out there and some are designed just for students.

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By Bianca Starr
Tags: Coupons, dining, budget, money, student ID, newspapers, friends
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