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1. The FAFSA: What is It?

The FAFSA is an abbreviation for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and it is a form that is prepared annually by prospective and current college or university students which determines their eligibility for financial aid.

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By Hailey Branner
Tags: FAFSA, financial aid, student aid, scholarships, grants, loans, payments, family, FAFSA form, work study program, stafford loan, pell grant
2. Online Master’s Degree Time Saver

Online courses are there so you can do several things at once. It is hard for people to give up so much time for classes that are so hard to sit through that all you do think about everything else you could be doing. Considering all of the advances with the Internet, it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to sit in a classroom for any reason. This is why getting your master’s degree online is such a huge time saver.


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By Morgan Hoffman
Tags: Master's, degree, online, family, work, assignments, reading, busy
3. GED’s Now Offered Online

The Internet offers so many opportunities for students who want to go to college, but what about those who have not completed high school yet? Students are now able to get their GED online which is great for single parents or those who just have yet to get their high school diploma.

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By Jess Hope
Tags: GED, online, classes, diploma, college, work, family, home
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