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1. Earn Your Entire Degree Online

Online is the way to go if you are crunched for time or just have many things going on at once. Students are finding it harder to find the enthusiasm to attend the four years of college in a classroom setting, especially after four years of high school. Earning your entire degree online can be the way to go if you need a change of setting and work better on your own time.

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By Melanie Brenna
Tags: Degere, online, students, time, jobs, high school, assignments, work, classroom
2. Talking to your Professors: It Could Pay Off

Not everyone has an easy time attaining a high enough GPA (grade point average) to impress their potential employers after graduating from school. If you are struggling in a class, it is to your own benefit to speak privately to a professor during their office hours and try to gain a better understanding of the subject through a one-on-one tutoring session.

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By Mike Kupershteyn
Tags: college, GPA, professor, classroom, study
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