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11. Is Attending College Online For You?

Online college can be suitable for any student who prefers to work on his/her own time. That is one of the greatest features of attending classes online. If you are one of the students that needs to attend class in order to be accountable for the work and in order to perform better, than you might want to consider doing most of your classes at a traditional campus and only taking some courses online.

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By Maria DeMarco
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12. What is Distance Education?

Distance learning is the answer for many people who cannot seem to find the time to attend school and earn their degrees. One of the great things about distance learning is that you can pretty much attend any school that offers an entirely online curriculum.

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By Jenna Maher
Tags: Distance Education, degrees, curriculum, classes, on-campus, commute, traditional school, credits
13. Career Tips for College Grads

So you have graduated college and are now looking for something to do for the rest of your life. Though this might seem like a scary time, it is also a very exciting time. You put in all that work and effort to get to this point, so stay organized that way you can enjoy this possibly life-changing experience.

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By Megan Mueller
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14. Tips for the College Grad

Graduation is one of the most fulfilling times in a student’s life. You have the dignity of knowing you completed all of the courses and now have a degree under your belt. Though this feeling may be wonderful, students can get a little nervous now that there is no longer the safe-haven of college. Now that you are a college grad, you have to find your niche.

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By Jordan Raegan
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15. Choosing a career
By Daniel Stone
Tags: major, journalism, marketing, business, classes, interests, career center
16. Are College loans a good idea if you can't keep decent grades?

It is hard enough to keep good grades when nothing depends on it; it can be even harder when the money depends on it.

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By Student Blogger
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