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1. Living On a College Income

Most students are very excited to enter the college or university that they chose to enroll in and enjoy the newfound independence that comes with this experience.

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By Sarah Carter
Tags: college, university, students, money, career, jobs, income, campus jobs, bills, entertainment, food, friends
2. Are You Ready to Start College?

Starting college is a serious milestone in a person's life and it requires a certain level of commitment from the student to make it a pleasant experience. Just gaining acceptance to a college or university takes a concerted effort from you.

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By Jenna Mendoza
Tags: college, university, new student, study, education, career, jobs
3. Where Do You Want To Be?

Knowing what you want out of a life is a big decision to make. Everyone realizes what they want in life at different times, but many have whiffs of where they would like to be during college. The issue here is that people change and so do hopes and dream. There is nothing you can do about your changing feels, but when you have a strong feeling about something you should jump on it. If you are one of those people whose dreams change every month, you might want to reevaluate where you are in your life now and where you see yourself in the future.

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By Julie Kohler
Tags: plan, future, college, work, career, business, life, writing, journalism
4. Start College with a Plan

A mistake many students seem to make is attending school with the intention of just graduating. When you first enter college, graduating should be part of the natural process, so why make that your main plan? Students should develop plans that are much more in-depth than graduating. These plans do not have to be made alone. Advisors can be of great assistance if given the chance.

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By Dana Marie
Tags: college, plan, advisors, graduate, future, career, work, job, resume
5. Patience is a Virtue after College

It is not a secret that college students have no patience. They are continuously rushing and becoming agitated with those making them late for the next class, next appointment, or next available time to boil some noodles and study. Once college is over, students have to gain a better perspective on life and realize even though it was their time while in college, it is no longer as self-involved. Once graduated, students need to bow to the demands of a career and their new superiors. Adjusting to this can cause personal turbulence but the sooner it is learned the sooner they will be acclimated with their new demeanor in life.

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By Hannah Kirk
Tags: college, patience, career, graduation, graduates, work, boss, manager
6. Helpful Job Search Tips

Whether you are a student look for a full-time job or just looking to switch from your current job, there are many ways to go about this. The job search market is growing as jobs seem to be depleting. Just because so many companies are letting employees go does not mean other companies are not hiring. The biggest mistake you want to try to avoid is thinking that there is nothing available. There is no job that is going to knock on your door and beg to give you a weekly paycheck; it is up to you to put the effort in to find the career that suits you.

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By Helen Alazari
Tags: job, search, Internet, profile, career, student, college, resume
7. Build Your Job-Hunting Skills

Gaining job-hunting skills is just as important as building your résumé. You have to know where to look, when to look, and how to look. These are all vital steps to learning how to properly look for a job. Some people are happy scanning through the career section of the newspaper to see what is available, but that is actually not an effective way to actively look for a job.


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By Shayna Dovak
Tags: job-hunting, career, job, profiles, E-mails, interviews
8. Second Languages Take Backseat

From the time we were in elementary school we have always been taught the value of learning a second language for our futures. But now that we are pretty much there, have you seen much need for this second language? As a recent college student I have found that many college-aged adults have taken the time to learn languages such as Spanish and Italian. The issue that has come about is that they have no need to use it. This is not true for all who learn a second language, but a decent number are experiencing this.


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By Marco Diaz
Tags: language, Spanish, Italian, job, career, teachers, elementary school
9. Top 3 Options after College

When you are attending college it seems like the hard part of your future, but once you graduate you will see that it was actually to easiest it will get. All you had to do was make sure you earned decent grades in order to stay in. When you get out into the real world you have to make sure your resume’ is up to par and you are ready and willing to go to job interviews no matter what they are so you have a chance of landing at least one position.

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By Jason Klein
Tags: jobs, career, college, degree, business, resume'
10. Top 10 Doctoral Degrees

Earning your doctorate’s degree is a surefire way to boost your career. It takes a lot of work to complete but if you are serious about taking your career to the highest level this is the way to go. 

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By Melanie Wilks
Tags: top 10, doctoral degree, career, futher
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