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1. Common Graduation Problems

Once you have finally made it through your four or five years of college it is time for you to graduate. You must feel elated! The funny thing is, now that you have made it this far the school is going to miss you so much they want to keep you there. Now, because they want to see you stay since you moving on with your life is too much for the school to handle many different issues might start to surface. Don’t think the school is trying to be mean…They just love you so much.

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By Megan Harry
Tags: graduation, problems, students, degree, evaluation, advisor, tuition, bursar, register, holds
2. College Language

It is important to understand the college "lingo" when you are there, so the best thing to do is learn it early. The sooner you can decode what the school is telling you, the better off you will be. There are many terms and codes schools use, but you need to start somewhere. Here you will get a jump-start on some common college terms.

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By Marie James
Tags: Bursar, Registrar, Provost, college, language, high school, major, advisor
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