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1. Do Your Professors Know Who You Are?

Once you have finally made it to college you are likely thinking that you want to do your best, get straight A’s, make all new friends, and make sure these are the most successful four to five years of your life. Although these are all important there is one aspect of college that students tend to leave out and that is getting to know your professors. You have to remember these are people who have lived and breathed in the field you are about to study, so who better to befriend than your professors?

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By Sienna Marshall
Tags: questions, E-mail, students, questions, class, meetings
2. 4 Perks to an iPad

The iPad is becoming very popular with students as well as the business world. It does not do exactly what a computer can do, but it certainly passes the time and allows you to do what you need to do. Many companies are coming out with different or cheaper versions that are very similar. With the iPad you might have to pay an extra monthly fee for 3G service, but if you just have wi-fi there is no monthly fee. This option is up to you depending on where you will need to use it.

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By Jorgan Lundy
Tags: iPad, perks, applications, E-mail, newspapers, magazines, updates, twitter, facebook
3. BlackBerry vs. Droid

Students are coming to rely on their smartphones on a daily basis in order to communicate with friends, reach professors, and be in on the latest news for whichever field they may be in. Some students care about the device that aids in this process while others just want one that works and is reliable. The BlackBerry and the Droid are both very popular phones and serve the same main purposes. The Droid can do a little more and has more computer-like qualities, but the BlackBerry is an old favorite.


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Tags: Droid, blackberry, touch screen, E-mail, texting, photo messaging, Internet, Applications
4. 4 Ways to Get a Better Sleep

Whether you are in high school, college, or in your career, sleep is essential to functioning at your very best every day. It is becoming very common for us to rely on little sleep and a boost of caffeine to truck through our days, but our bodies need sleep to operate properly. Energy boosts are great if you just have a long day or are behind on work, but using them as a supplement for lost hours of sleep should be avoided. We all like to get a good night’s sleep but with a lot on our minds it can be hard to get into that “sleep-mode”.

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By Jennifer Loller
Tags: sleep, caffeine, work, E-mail, routine
5. Schools Online are Growing

With students becoming busier as the years go on students are learning to appreciate the value of online courses. They are realizing that they are able to take the courses they need while still being able to keep their jobs and regular schedules. If students are able to multitask, they will. It is the generation of getting three things done at once, which is also why online schools are more appealing.


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By Nadia Menta
Tags: Online, Colleges, multitasking, phones, E-mail, professors, assignments
6. Career Tips for College Grads

So you have graduated college and are now looking for something to do for the rest of your life. Though this might seem like a scary time, it is also a very exciting time. You put in all that work and effort to get to this point, so stay organized that way you can enjoy this possibly life-changing experience.

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By Megan Mueller
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