Starting a Club at Your School

College is a Time for New Experiences

As a high school student entering a college or university for the first time, you will encounter large amounts of new experiences. There are many different activities available for students at colleges and universities, educational or recreational. Students can learn a variety of concepts through their courses that have not been taught in high school or their other experiences. New friends and acquaintances are naturally gained by attending a college or university and these bonds can last for life. Students can try many new activities in various facets by interacting with other people, joining school organizations or pursuing cultural endeavors at the college.

Organizations at your College or University

Whatever college or university a student chooses to enroll in will surely give him or her the opportunity to join various organizations at the school. There are large amounts of organizations at most colleges and universities that cater to many different interests that students may have. Student organizations, also known as clubs, exist for things that range from knitting to martial arts. Clubs can be organized around activities that people enjoy, educational interests or political beliefs. If students have an interest, there is a good chance that it will be represented among student organizations at their college or university.

Underrepresented Interests at College Organizations

Even though most colleges and universities have many organizations in place on campus that represent a variety of interests, there may be some that are not represented. There can be clubs at college that are bringing together animal lovers, libertarians and people of many other affiliations and beliefs. Some people or groups of students may have interests that they cannot find organizations for at their college or university. Whether you have a fondness for caterpillars and want to start a club for that or really like a capella singing and need some partners to start a group, some interests may not be represented at your school already.

How to Start your Own Club

There are a number of processes that must be taken in order to start a club at your college or university. While different schools have different processes, there are typically similar steps including:
• The first step to starting a club is to compile a sufficient amount of interested members. Several methods can be taken to recruit these members. Post flyers around your college to get the word out about the potential organization, create a Facebook group, invite college students, and let your friends know about the club.
• Compile a roster with the potential dues-paying members that includes their names, addresses, school addresses, email addresses, cell phone numbers and home phone numbers.
• Select officers for the club including a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary or other similar positions and seek out a faculty advisor.
• Create a proposal regarding the club's mission, possible meeting times, affiliations with other organizations, and possible faculty advisors. Submit this proposal to the department responsible for student organizations at your school.


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