Are You Ready to Start College?

Starting college is a serious milestone in a person's life and it requires a certain level of commitment from the student to make it a pleasant experience. Just gaining acceptance to a college or university takes a concerted effort from you. You had to take the SAT reasoning test, which you probably did not just sit down for and try to wing. There were considerable periods of studying for this exam, either with a tutor, your parents, or by yourself. After taking the test, you had to fill out numerous college applications, creating essays and responses to different questions that the schools asked. Finally, after a long period of waiting and anticipation, the acceptance letters started to arrive. You sat down with your family or advisors and thought long and hard about which school was right for you. Now that you have chosen your ideal school, it is time to do an inventory and make sure you are ready to start college.

What Do You Need?

Before you enter the college or university of your choice, there are many things that you will need especially if you are living on campus. Some of these things include:

  • Electronics - One of the most important tools for you in your college career will be a computer. Many of your assignments will require a computer, particularly if you are taking courses that are writing intensive. A large amount of classes will also provide homework through an online medium. Using a laptop as a note taking tool is also very convenient, as many professors use PowerPoint and you can download the files to your computer to follow along with a lecture and take notes along the way.
  • Textbooks - Almost all of your professors will require you to purchase textbooks or some sort of reading material for class. Check the syllabi of your courses to see what textbooks you will need to start the semester. If you want to save some money, wait until the first class meeting to ask your professors if you can purchase an older edition of the textbook they requested. If this is possible, you may wind up saving hundreds of dollars on textbooks.
  • Furniture/Clothes - The last things to consider, as far as material things, are furniture and clothes. While a dorm room will provide you with the basic necessities (bed, desk, chair), you may want to add a touch of flavor to your room or simply require more furniture. One thing you will definitely need is a hamper as you will be doing your own laundry. You may also want to go shopping for a new wardrobe if you feel this is necessary.

Get Ready Mentally

The final thing that you need to prepare is your mind for college or university. You will not be under the watchful eye of your parents anymore and will be granted considerable freedom. Make sure you are ready for this and understand the new responsibilities that have been thrust upon you. Finally, remember not to worry and everything will be fine!


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