Start at Community College then Transfer

Picking what college you want to go to can be a very hard decision, especially when you are unsure what you want to major in.  Some people take longer than others to decide on the school and major, so in the meantime it is okay to get your general education classes out of the way while you make up your mind.  This can be very beneficial for many students as it may alleviate some of the pressure of having to choose a school right away.

I felt so much pressure trying to pick a college I almost just wanted to give up, but after hours of my parents yelling I…they decided I had to choose.  It is not as common as everyone thinks to go to the same college for four years. Many people change schools and their majors at all different times. Some even take a semester off, attending school for four and a half years.

A friend of mine took a semester off to see what he could do with his psychology major. It turned out there was nothing that interested him so he changed it. Better you do it while you are in the school mode than when you get your first real job and despise it.  It is also better to make sure the college you choose is really suited for what you are looking for. By taking a little extra time to decide what you want is better than being miserable and rushing your decision.

Read up and see what you find. I found talking to the students who went to the schools I was looking at also helped in my decision making. If you go to a school that really is not for you, it will reflect in your work and no one likes a cranky student.


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