Senior Year High School

You made it! Your senior year of high school is a very exciting time. There is a lot going on and let’s face it; you’re at the top of the school and everyone looks up to you. But what happens when you enter the world of college. True, you will be at the bottom of the food chain again. But the good news is that no one will know. College is much different and it is hard to tell the freshman from the seniors aside from the looks of confusion compared to the looks of confidence.

What to Do You Senior Year of High School

There are so many things you can do your senior year of high school. If you have not already found a college, you can start your search now. Or if you have found the schools you like, you can apply. If all of these steps are done, this is a great time to take a weekend to visit the campus, set up a meeting with the Provost or the Dean. Take a look at some clubs. Really find out some ways you can get all the flavors of college in the four years you will be there. Maybe find a job on or off campus that will be ready for you when you get there in the fall. It is never a bad idea to line up a job if you think you can handle it along with your schoolwork.

Your High School Grades

Make sure your high school work is not suffering. These are your final assignments of your high school career so you want to go out with a bang. A big mistake many students make is slacking off and getting poor grades their senior year of high school. Yes, you may have already been accepted to college; however the college CAN reject you once they see your final transcript and see your grades have dramatically decreased.

Enjoy your senior year because it will be the calmest time for the next four years. Prepare yourself for the college ride ahead and make sure you do everything you can to prepare for your first semester. The more you do before you get to college the easier your transition will be, so try not to slack off your senior year of high school and you should enter college with ease. Good luck on finishing up high school and have fun!


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