Senior Year of College

So you have finally completed three years of your college career and you are in your senior year. If you thought your first three years were busy, just wait to experience this next one! Not only do you have classes, but some of you may have an internship plus a regular job. On top of that comes appointments with advisors, registering for graduation, designing your school ring, getting your senior photo taken, tying up those loose ends, and finally finish up those classes before graduation.

Senior Year Workload

The above items may sound simple enough, and they really are. It is just very time consuming and hard to find enough time in the day to fit everything in. The good thing is, professors tend to be very understanding with seniors and will lessen the workload when they know certain things are coming up. This also depends on what school you go. There are those professors who are not interest in your outside activities and will keep piling on that work.

For many seniors, the tedious work is finished. Now it is just a few writing assignments, reading, and some group work. This of course also depends on which classes you have saved for your senior year. Some are only taking elective courses while others are still taking core courses for their majors and minors.

Senior Year Lists

The best thing to do your senior year is make lists. It can be hard keeping up with your schedule so having a quick phone reminder might not be enough. Depending on what works best for you, you should make either a daily or weekly list of things that need to be accomplished. This will ensure that you do not miss any assignments, appointments, and meetings. With everything going on it is harder than you may think to keep track of these items in your head. As much as you trust your memory, it will not hurt to see it down on paper.

Making lists saved me my senior year and actually got more done in the week because I was able to pack it full of appointments and meetings so there were weeks where I was completely free to take time for me.

Try the list method at least once and watch how easy your senior year becomes. You must be organized to get through your senior year painlessly so test out the list and see if it works for you!


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