Second Languages Take Backseat

From the time we were in elementary school we have always been taught the value of learning a second language for our futures. But now that we are pretty much there, have you seen much need for this second language? As a recent college student I have found that many college-aged adults have taken the time to learn languages such as Spanish and Italian. The issue that has come about is that they have no need to use it. This is not true for all who learn a second language, but a decent number are experiencing this.

Not a Waste of Time

There is certainly no downside to learning a second language. It looks great on a résumé and you never know who you might encounter that you will need the language for. Learning this second language is beneficial in many areas, but is it as imperative as our former teachers told us? From my experience, the answer would be no.

Losing It

Since so many jobs are English-based, students are rarely using the second language, if at all. When not spoken on a frequent basis, we revert back to the old saying; “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. A friend of mine spoke Spanish fluently when he graduated. He is now two years out of college and it takes him a while to form a sentence in Spanish. At this rate, it appears as though it is up to the students to ensure they secure a position where they need the language. If that is not a possibility, as least use the language when you can so you do not lose the ability to speak it fluently.

For some students, new languages come easily while others struggle to make it sink in. No matter what position you are in, it is important to make sure you did not do all of that work for nothing. Just because you might not be able to find a position that requires the language now, you never know what might come up in the future. Being able to say for the rest of your life that you speak two languages fluently will always be a plus, so don’t let your second language take a backseat.


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