Schools Online are Growing

With students becoming busier as the years go on students are learning to appreciate the value of online courses. They are realizing that they are able to take the courses they need while still being able to keep their jobs and regular schedules. If students are able to multitask, they will. It is the generation of getting three things done at once, which is also why online schools are more appealing.


When I see people with their cell phones on speaker, while reading an E-mail and texting on the same phone they are talking on all while their eyes are glued to the computer, I call that multi-blasting. It is multitasking taken to the next level and really shows how much electronics have impacted our lives. Without all of these devices, online courses wouldn’t be overly popular. I found it impossible to take online courses without upgrading to a BlackBerry. It was completely necessary to keep up with forums and what my professors were expecting and when. It is rare to see even a high school student with anything less than a BlackBerry.

Constantly Connected

People are constantly able to be connected to the internet and are willing to pay a decent sum every month for cell phone Internet service and a separate fee for their laptops and desktops. With these kinds of conveniences, it is becoming harder to muster up the energy to go to classes when they are easily brought to you. It is very appealing when you realize that you would not have to drive to a campus and sit there for hours of pointless lecture that could just as easily be read from a document.

Life is becoming more about being on-the-go and there is nothing productive about sitting in a classroom for 90-180 minutes. There are so many other things that can be done in that amount of time and that is why these online schools are growing. People can be more productive while still earning the same degree outside of the campus. Online colleges will continue to grow as the generations come to realize the benefit of off-campus classes. Are you a product of the Multi-Blaster generations?


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