Roommates; Choose One or Get Assigned?

Before you enter the college or university you chose to attend there are a number of things that you must take into account. You have to buy supplies and prepare yourself for the new experience and in some ways life that is college. Most elements of entering college or university can be bought, such as buying textbooks, a laptop, or furniture. One thing that you cannot just buy is a living situation that you feel absolutely comfortable with. There are no guarantees when it comes to housing, however, you should try your best to ensure that you wind up with the best possible circumstances for you.

Making A Choice With Roommates

Depending on your personality, eagerness for new experiences, and other factors, the choice to be assigned a roommate versus picking someone to room with is an important one for you to make. This should be something that you put much time and consideration into as your choice will affect how you live for at least the first year of college.

Choosing a Roommate

Many colleges and universities offer their students the option of requesting to room with someone of their choice. This may be the right choice for you if your personality and lifestyle fit. Choosing a roommate eliminates the uncertainty of being placed in a dorm with someone you do not know. If you are apprehensive about attending your new college and university this may be the right choice. This is also a good idea if you are not very outgoing as you will certainly be friends with whoever you choose to room with since it was a mutual decision between you two. The downside to choosing a roommate is that it may discourage you from seeking out new friends. The complacency bred from already knowing someone well in your dorm can stop you from interacting with others.

Being Assigned a Roommate

The stereotypical college experience is one where two students never see each other prior to moving in. While this may be a difficult process initially as you learn each other's habits and preferences, but the shared bond of living together will most likely bring you closer to your roommate. Some of the greatest friendships start through a randomly assigned roommate. This process encourages both of you to interact with other students as well, since you will both be new to the college or university and eager to make new friends. If the rooming situation does not work out, you do not have to be alarmed. Almost all schools allow you to transfer to another living area if you can provide a valid reason (constant bickering and problems with your roommate generally is enough for this).

It Is Your Choice

In the end, the choice of choosing a roommate or hoping to get a good one is all up to you. Think about your own personality. Are you an outgoing person? Do you have an easy time getting along with others? Are you patient and able to talk to strangers easily? Think these things over and make the decision that is right for you.


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