Repeating College Courses

Sometimes taking a college course only once is a pain, but imagine having to take it for a second time? This is not uncommon in college and a main reason why students end up having to take summer courses or wind up staying for more than four years. Something that students tend to forget is that one way or another the school is going to get paid for those courses. You will either have to pay now or later, so wouldn’t it just be better for you if you only took and paid for it once? This can be easier said than done, but trust me taking it again just is not worth it.

You already know

Within the first week or two of classes you already know whether or not you are going to have trouble in the course. You can just tell by looking at the syllabus that you will need extra help or you just do not have it in you to complete it with a passing grade.  Since you know this at an early point you should arrange to do whatever it takes to pass. If you have to take it again, that will only hurt your wallet and your time. College is hectic as it is so who has time to be repeating courses?


Talk it out

Once you have figured out that you are going to have a harder time than usual you should set up an appointment with your professor and inform him or her that you would like to set up a schedule for extra help before the meat of the course even begins. You are already showing good faith and if you follow through for the entire semester that would count for at least something in your final grade. Inform you professor where you think you will need the most help and maybe some suggestions on studying in case you cannot make it in for help at a certain time. After this you should also stay in E-mail contact through the semester to make sure you are on the right track. If you follow this throughout the semester you should end up with a passing grade.


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