4 Perks to an iPad

The iPad is becoming very popular with students as well as the business world. It does not do exactly what a computer can do, but it certainly passes the time and allows you to do what you need to do. Many companies are coming out with different or cheaper versions that are very similar. With the iPad you might have to pay an extra monthly fee for 3G service, but if you just have wi-fi there is no monthly fee. This option is up to you depending on where you will need to use it. The following will tell you some of the upsides to having an iPad.

1. News – You are able to get constant news updates on this device. Sure, you can also get these on your phone if you have a smart phone, but the iPad has a larger screen.

2. E-mail – You are also able to send E-mail with this device. Your smart phone could do this as well but the iPad will give you a full touch keypad and the keys are larger than those on your phone. This makes it easier to type longer E-mails.

3. Applications – You can download the same applications that you would on your smart phone. Some you need to pay for while others are free. This is great for newspapers, magazines, and games. This is where the iPad comes in handy for passing the time or catching up on the latest news. There are also social networking applications so you can stay on top of facebook and twitter.

4. The size – The iPad is very small when compared to a computer and only getting smaller as the new versions come out. It does just about everything a computer does without the bulk or weight. It cannot yet replace a computer or laptop, but those days seem to be near. It is easy to carry around during your commute or while you are waiting for class to start. You can take it anywhere and do just about anything as long as the battery lasts.

The iPad might not seem practical for many people who already have laptops and smart phones. It is up the individual whether or not this is a good investment, but in time we all might find ourselves with some form of iPad when they are able to replace the everyday laptop or computer.


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