Patience is a Virtue after College

It is not a secret that college students have no patience. They are continuously rushing and becoming agitated with those making them late for the next class, next appointment, or next available time to boil some noodles and study. Once college is over, students have to gain a better perspective on life and realize even though it was their time while in college, it is no longer as self-involved. Once graduated, students need to bow to the demands of a career and their new superiors. Adjusting to this can cause personal turbulence but the sooner it is learned the sooner they will be acclimated with their new demeanor in life.

Revamping Process

Adjusting to a new lifestyle is never easy, but it is something everyone has to do. What makes this process even harder for students is that they are just coming out of a world where everything is about them doing what they need to do in order to learn and gain a career. Their world is very self-involved, but keeping that attitude after college will not exactly be beneficial. Graduates need to take a step back and notice the ways in which they think selfishly. Once they recognize the behaviors that need to be adjusted it will be easier to accomplish.

Small Goals

Graduates should create small personal goals such as taking more time to process thoughts before speaking and taking professional orders with pride. These are things that take time and it will not be possible to pinpoint when the previous way of approaching things has changed; it is an on-going process. There is nothing easy about changing an attitude in life, but better it is worked on before a boss or manager catches the college way of thinking and decides that type of childish personality will not work for the company.

It can be hard enough dealing with no longer being in college so by taking small steps it will make it easier to accomplish. No one can change their way of thinking overnight, but once the process is started it will feel good have a more mature approach to life.


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