Online Education Enables Worldwide Participation

Students today can come from any place in the world as things like the internet make communication easier and also make the world a smaller place. This is only amplified when colleges use online courses to teach. The students that register for these classes can be from anywhere in the world, from any background, with any kind of interest, no matter how different they would seem to the normal, domestic students. Online courses make the education world a much smaller place.

Online education classes enable students to really establish roots all across the globe and network throughout the world, which can be a very valuable asset. Over half a million international students were registered for classes in the United States in the 2008-2009 academic year, mainly hailing from south and east Asia.

Studying abroad is also becoming much more popular among students as they want to see the world and establish the aforementioned worldwide networks. The possibilities for success multiply when you have connections throughout the globe.

Billions of dollars are brought into America by these students mainly through tuition from these students. So even America benefits from the globalization of others coming to America. Many of them use different means to find schools, whether it be through family, publications or just the internet but they all want the same thing: an education. And the internet allows them to receive this. They can be treated similar to their domestic brethren as responses can be delivered right away through email and the classes are the same no matter how far away the student is. Technology really is changing higher education.

But why do they come to America? Why not England or France or Germany? The reason is that America holds the most Nobel Prize winners and has the highest reputations among college online. These are two absolutely huge factors that attract many a student.

Online classes allow students to save on travel, passports and costs as it is the same as it is for most domestic students. Foreign issues such as H1N1 and 9/11 have died down recently so foreigners are more welcome but it is just easier for them to stay home and save the money.

Online classes are being required for some students simply to gain some kind of global look at the world as it continues to shrink figuratively. People from throughout the world are becoming more and more connected and online classes are only helping to bring everyone closer together through college.


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