One More Year of College

So just like me, your summer is probably over now too. Hopefully you enjoyed the time you had and took the opportunity to relax and unwind from the stresses of school. If you still haven't started school, there are a few things that can be done to prepare yourself for the upcoming semester, as well as some tips for the beginning of it.

Buy School Supplies Early

Take it from me, don't wait until you're in school to buy your supplies, or any other things you need for college. Chances are they will be overpriced at school since the stores know their market and realize students will pay whatever price they are charged for necessary items like folders, computers, and notebooks. You can probably save at least twenty dollars just buying notebooks, pens, pencils, and other stationary items before you leave to college. Use that money to go out and have a good time after class.


You should probably never be buying textbooks at the school store for them as they will be ridiculously overpriced. The textbook your professor assigns you can retail at up to two hundred and fifty dollars; if you are taking 5 classes, you may wind up paying over a thousand dollars on your books. Nobody should be subjected to such exorbitant prices and there are numerous sources for textbooks which will dramatically reduce their cost.

One of the little secrets many students do not take advantage of in regards to textbooks is using the previous edition of the book. If your professor assigns the 11th edition of a textbook, it will usually be fine to buy the tenth. Ask the professor if they assign problems from the textbook. As long as they do not assign questions from the textbook for homework, the old edition will be alright to buy. Usually there are only some minor changes from each edition to another.

Finding Income

Paying for your expenses in college is difficult if your parents do not provide you with money. If you are offered a work study job through financial aid, take advantage of it to pay for your expenses, or try to find an internship in the area.


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