New Options for the College Grad

The economic climate is more unstable and unsure than many people today have ever seen it before. Strong employees are being terminated to save company funds, veteran workers are having trouble finding new, rewarding positions, and many recent college graduates with stacked resumes can’t get an interview to save their lives. Some fields are impermeable, some are dying altogether. Students entering college were promised a secure career along with their degree, and many are now learning this is not the case. In lieu of battling the slings and arrows of the competitive job market, there are new options for college graduates.

Graduate School

Some career fields require applicants to have graduate degrees. Do some research into your field to determine whether an advanced degree would be a helpful asset to advance your career and help you get into the position you want. Tread carefully though: if a graduate degree is merely an accessory and not a necessity to your chosen field, you could be wasting valuable time and money and may consider another path instead.

Armed Forces

Upon completing college, many graduates develop a taste for a change of pace and a different lifestyle. The military is a great way to experience another lifestyle, and with different branches to choose from, you have options. With military experience, you can even earn money exclusively for college tuition, should you choose to attend grad school after the fact. You may even find yourself with a new career plan! Do enough research before making any decisive plans to determine if the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard is right for you.

Alternative Work

There are programs available to recent graduates that are valid, reliable jobs but that are much less difficult to penetrate than the work force. Teach for America Corps is a program that sends recent college graduates, even those who are not licensed teachers, through a rigorous training program and then into schools to teach in at-risk districts. With program locations ranging from urban New York City schools to rural Kansas districts to even Hawaii schools, you could travel nearly anywhere in the country to aid in developing deserving youth and working in a fulfilling career. Corps members remain in their location for two years, after which they may return or seek other opportunities if they wish.

In addition to Teach for America, there are many legitimate programs that send the right candidates to teach the English language to students in foreign countries overseas. These often provide housing or a housing stipend, and give teachers a chance to see the world and, again, help deserving youth advance in their lives. There are many different sponsors of these overseas teachers, so be sure to research to find which offers the right terms for your needs.

Entering the workforce right out of college can be scary, but luckily it’s not your only option. Explore your options and make a plan to enrich your life with a new course.


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