Michelle Obama's Class Reunion

Princeton University alumni will be missing one graduate for the 25 year reunion of the Class of 1985. Michelle Obama will not be attending the Tigers reunion as the Scheduling Office of the First Lady stated that her calendar is too full.

The First Lady went to Princeton for her Undergraduate degree, following in her brother’s footsteps (Class of 1983). She earned a degree in Sociology, with a minor in African-American Studies, before moving on to Harvard Law School where she earned her J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree.

Reunions are usually where one brags about his or her accomplishments after being away from classmates for so long. However, her classmates can see her accomplishments in the newspaper or on CNN every day. So it seems there is no need for the First Lady to attend the reunion in the first place

The other alumni were disappointed with the outcome, but stated they were not surprised about the response. Even though the 25th reunion is supposed to be the reunion that everyone goes to, they understand the busy schedule of the First Lady.

The First Lady recently took on more responsibility by trying to tackle the problem of childhood obesity all around the nation. In early May she released a 70 point proposal of how to reduce childhood obesity through education, and affordable healthy food.

Between the new project to tackle childhood obesity, and raising her two daughters, no one doubts that her life in the White House is extremely busy, and that attending the reunion would have been a hassle for logistical and security reasons, even though Princeton stated that special arrangements would have been made.


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