Math Minds and Creative Minds

Starting around high school is when students begin to realize whether they are math minds or creative minds. The creative minds lean more towards writing and theater while the math minds revel in math and science. Whichever category you fall into can make the other subjects difficult. Take this from a creative mind who has dreaded math since sixth grade. For the past seven years math has been a black cloud hanging over my head pointing and laughing the entire time.

Embrace it

If you are a math mind, go for it full-force and do something constructive with it. Many students have a difficult time in the subject so if you have some helpful ways to show students how to go about solving some problems, spread the knowledge and help others. While you are helping the others you will find you are getting better in the area as well. For the creative minds out there, you should also try and help those who have trouble in that area. If writing is your thing you should consider giving some writing help and showing others how to construct essays and papers in an effective fashion. Of course there are those who find both areas intriguing, thus excelling in both. Aside from that fact that it is annoying to those of us who excel in only one area, you should do what you can to help others who have trouble in both areas.

Try it

Coming from someone who has avoided math like the plague for as long as I can remember, the best piece of advice I can give is to try to get out of that funk and go for it. If you have trouble with math see a tutor and overcome it. If you have trouble with writing, you should see someone about improving your writing skills. Wherever you are lacking you should try to get help that way you can be one of those annoying people who is good at it all. Of course I am kidding when I say annoying as I wish I was one of them. The best feeling is conquering your fears like when I took my math course in college and earned a B when I was sure I was going to fail once I started. Expand your mind and see what you are really capable of.


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