3 Ways to Make Your Laptop Last

A laptop is an expensive purchase so you want to make sure you take care of it so it can last far beyond your college years. With computer cluttering, random downloads, and virus-infested E-mails, the life of computers seems to be dwindling unless taken care of properly which can be more effort than some people are willing to do. It can be very simple to care for your computer on a constant basis if you keep up with it and are cautious when using it.

1. Clean it out – If you save random photos and documents on your computer, clear them out if you can. Get a large flash drive of about 32 GB to hold everything you need. The cleaner you keep your computer the better. Photos also take up a lot of space and could slow it down over time. Documents take up very little space, but over time if they build up it could clog up your computer. It is better to keep everything stored in one device while keeping your computer clean.

2. Defrag and C-clean – Defragment your computer. This process take files that have been scattered and puts them all into the same place so your computer has an easier time accessing them when needed for certain programs. If the files are spread around it can take a long time for the computer to process thus slowing it down. Cleaning your C-drive is also important. The little files that are saved here and there should be removed on a regular basis. It is up to you how often you perform these actions, but you can schedule automatic defragment on your computer. Doing these two things once or twice per week could help your computer run smoothly for a longer period of time.

3. Check-up – Just like you go for a check-up at the doctor, you should find a computer tech who will check up on your computer and run a few tests to see what can be done to keep it running up to par. Doing this once per year or once every six months depending on the use will extend the life of your computer. They also install more memory if need be. Computers need a lot of attention so by you doing your part you can keep your investment up and running saving you a lot of money.


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