3 Ways to Make Extra Money in College

It is always nice to have a few extra bucks, especially when you are in college. There are many ways students can earn extra money aside from the job they already have. The only problem is that it takes up more time than some students even have. With the a heavy load of class and homework, it can be a lot even carrying one job, so adding another job on top of that is really not an option. The good the about colleges is that there are many places where you could make a few extra bucks while not adding too much to your schedule. The following will give you some ideas.

1. Take notes – Some schools offer money for students who take notes during class for other students who are registered with the school for a learning disability. It depends on the school, but you can actually get paid for taking notes. You must have great note-taking skills as there are students who are going to study based off of your notes. This is a great way to make some extra cash without adding anything to your already hectic schedule.

2. Organize – Students are not known for their organizational skills. If you are great at organizing you could offer to straighten up your friends’ closets or dorm rooms for a price of your choice. Keep in mind they are students as well and probably do not have much too much cash to offer. $20 is usually a fair asking price for organizing a dorm or a closet. This will need to be done on your down time, but since it is a one-time thing, you will not need to take time out of your schedule on a constant basis.

3. Extra help – If you are doing extremely well in a certain area and feel confident in it, you could offer to help other students for a small fee. The price should be kept low since you are not a licensed teacher. You could do this through your school’s tutoring center and get paid as well, but you will need to make a constant schedule as students depend on you. Try it out and see if these quick money-making tips help you.


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