Are College loans a good idea if you can't keep decent grades?

To be put simply, college loans are just fine if you cannot keep good grades. Usually it is the scholarships that are grade dependant, which can be an unnecessary stress when you first start college.

The reason it would not be a good idea to get loans if you are not much of a studier would be the fact that you might have to re-take some classes thus adding to your ending bill after four…maybe five years.

You may not have any other options but hit the books hard so your bill is as low as possible in the end.

I have several friends who decided the loans were free so they could do all the slacking they wanted. They are ending their fourth year and severely regretting their partying decisions. Some have another year left and are already questioning how they are going to pay off the four years they already owe.

Not only are they worried about the fourth year, now they have to factor in the extra time they have to go to school since the parties were oh-so-wonderful.

This is a common misconception that many new college students have. They think the money is free and they will be able to pay it off in no time. They forget to think about that the four-year-plan does not always work out.

The money needs to be paid back, so it is a serious debt to get into if you decide that grades are not overly important. Making college and grades your main focus will allow you to hopefully graduate in the four years and keep those loans to a minimum.


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