Tips for Living Off Campus

College Living Options

Attending a college or university offers many new experiences, all of which can be extremely positive if you approach them in the proper manner. For many students, college is the first time that they will be granted considerable freedom in their everyday lives. They will not be watched over by their parents and will have to make many decisions on their own. This is an exciting time for most students. Whether you are already attending college or university, or have just been accepted into the school of your choice, there are certain things you must be prepared for. One of these is the process of living with roommates. You can either live in a dorm or rent an apartment or house off campus. This article focuses on living off campus, but many of the tips can be applied to dorm life as well.

Communicate with Your Roommates

The most important tool in any relationship (romantic, roommates, or coworkers) is communication. In order to ensure that you and your roommates have a pleasant experience living together, it is important to maintain open lines of communication. You should inform each other of times when you want to study so the house is quiet and conducive to learning. If you are planning to have people over, let your roommates know as a courtesy to them.

Delegate Responsibilities in the Group

Living with roommates is similar to living with a family. Every person in the house or apartment should have a role that comes with some responsibilities. For example, one person may have to clean the bathroom every week while another person must sweep the house weekly. It is important to delegate these jobs evenly so nobody feels that they are getting the short end of the stick in the rooming arrangements.

Pay Your Rent on Time

This cannot be stressed enough, but it is absolutely imperative that you pay your rent on time. While it is okay to accidentally pay your rent late once, it is not alright to have this become a chronic condition for you. Your landlord will become angry about the lack of prompt payment, who will then complain to your roommates, who will in turn complain to you. This can cause unnecessary hostility in the house and can be easily avoided by paying on time.

Stay or Become Great Friends with Your Roommates

Chances are if you are living off campus with roommates, you all chose to live together in the same house or apartment. This means that you were friends before you all moved in together. This should continue as you spend more time together in the same house or apartment. Try to include each other in your activities whether these are playing sports, going to parties, or seeing plays. Living with other people can either be the greatest bonding experience of your life, or it can be a real problematic time if you do not become close with each other.


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