Learning Microsoft Excel for a Financial Career

The Business World is changing before Our Eyes

There is a shift occurring in the business world, not just now, but across decades and centuries of economic function. There are constantly changing dynamics between corporations, technology, consumers, and many other pertinent stakeholders to businesses. With the advent of computers and electronic communication, businesses were able to develop better global presence across the world. They could field orders for products from anywhere and interact with shipping companies to send their goods across seas, countries, and other areas. Technology not only allows for globalization but it also lets businesses speed up their own processes. Finance corporations and company finance departments, in particular, utilize technology to improve themselves and streamline their operations.

What Can a Finance Degree Do for You?

The term finance deals with the study of money management. There are three different areas of finance: corporate finance, personal finance and public finance. All of these areas examine the relationships between time, money and risk and their roles in generating income. Students who pursue a finance degree have many options available as far as careers go. Some of these include but are not limited to:

• Investment banking - This is the area of finance where banks help produce financial transactions for clients (generally corporations or large organizations). These transactions include debt offerings, equity offerings, mergers and acquisitions and other forms of financing for capital.
• Asset management - Here companies manage portfolios for various investors (institutions, private investors, corporations). These portfolios may contain equity, debt, options, or any other financial instrument.
• Corporate finance - This is the financial field where employees work for individual companies, managing their funds and ensuring that the company is meeting operating targets for capital.

Applications of Microsoft Excel in Finance

In all areas of finance, one common quality that is observed is the use of Microsoft Excel to perform various tasks. Excel is a powerful tool for a variety of applications in finance. It is used to create financial models of corporations and financial transactions in order to conduct analysis on them. Microsoft Excel is used to create valuation models of companies that allow financiers to price their stocks or debt accordingly. Excel is also an extremely powerful tool for storing data. Most finance positions require the analysis and manipulation of large data sets. Microsoft Excel provides a program in which to keep these data sets and sort them to a financier's liking. The field of finance would not have progressed nearly as far as it has without the power of Microsoft Excel and other powerful software applications.

Learning Microsoft Excel

As a college or university student majoring in finance, you have the resources available to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel through your classes. Take a business valuation course and it will teach you how to use Excel to create financial models along with the shortcuts and tools required to make using the program a breeze. If you cannot take a course like this, there are many tutorials available free on the Internet that will teach you how to use the program.


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