Build Your Job-Hunting Skills

Gaining job-hunting skills is just as important as building your résumé. You have to know where to look, when to look, and how to look. These are all vital steps to learning how to properly look for a job. Some people are happy scanning through the career section of the newspaper to see what is available, but that is actually not an effective way to actively look for a job.

Where to Look

Put simply, you should look everywhere. Create online profiles with well-known sites so you can receive E-mails about positions relating to your field. Get the word out on your social networking sites so people know to keep an ear out for you. Ask people in your family if they know of anyone who is hiring. There is no wrong place to search for a career, but actively putting yourself out there is a much more effective way of doing so. The paper is not exactly the best spot, but you can surely check it out and see what it has.

When to Look

From personal experience, I always found looking in the afternoon to be the best time to check the Internet for jobs. Many companies post the new job listings in the morning so by the afternoon you have the highest amount of jobs you could potentially get an interview for. You could really check at any point in the day, but I have found the most beneficial time to be in the afternoon.

How to Look

You need to take your time when searching for a job. Make sure you read the entire job description and make sure you are qualified for it. And it is also important to make sure you are not overqualified. If the job seems like it would not challenged you, the chances are that it would not pay you what you are looking for either. Look for an hour or two. Any more than that and you are likely looking at jobs that were posted last year or have already been filled. Make sure that hour or two is really used. Try to find the E-mail addresses of those who will be interviewing you and send your résumé that way. Happy hunting!


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