Make Yourself Irreplaceable

With all of the courses available in college, schools should begin to stress the importance of being a valued employee. This seems like common sense, but many students are clueless as to how to go about doing this once they get into the real world. Showing a company that you are irreplaceable is a hard task and although no one is really irreplaceable you can at least make it hard for the company to do so.

Shut up and do it

When you have a new job, the best thing you can do is keep your nose down and do your work. No matter what your boss asks of you your only response should be “yes”. You have to know your place and know that it is not your company. Many new graduates tend to be mouthy and get themselves in trouble for talking back to their superiors. You should exude nothing but positivity while at work and show that you give it your all. Showing your boss that you are the one who will do what is asked of you and have it done on time without any mishaps is a great way to start proving yourself.

Up, up, and away

Do more than what is asked of you. If something has a deadline, get it done before the deadline. If your boss wants you to type something up, make sure it is perfect before handing it in. If you have to be at work at 8, arrive at 7:30. You need to show that you are willing to do what is asked of you and beyond. You want to be the employee that sticks out and shows you are worth your weight in gold. A company will never fire you for doing more than what is asked of you. You want to move up, make more, and be the go-to person in the company. All of this takes time and energy, but the payout will be much greater than what you put into it. This will not happen overnight so do not expect your boss to go running to you after one day asking you to be part owner of the company. Give it time and you will see how great it is to be almost irreplaceable.


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