Homework Assignments and Getting Them Done

The Responsibility is on you in College

College is a time for new experiences and learning a number of new concepts that will guide you in your life and future endeavors. There are so many different things that you can do at a college or university. You can learn new hobbies, play new sports, meet new friends and build new knowledge. All of these new experiences will be undertaken without the supervision of your parents or guardians. This means that your actions will only be dictated by your own thoughts and ambitions. You will have to take responsibility for your actions and answer to any possible problems that may arise.

Professors are Not Your Parents

The fact that you are expected to be responsible in all of your endeavors naturally extends to the classroom. In high school, you may have constantly been reminded by your parents to do homework or study for exams as they come up. Making the transition to attending a college or university means that your parents will not be there to remind you to study or do work. Your professors generally will not do so either as they expect you to take responsibility for the work assigned and complete it without their prodding. There is much less tolerance for excuses in college or university as well. If you miss a deadline for an assignment, it is much more likely that the professor simply will not accept your work rather than taking some points off or giving you no penalty as may have happened in high school.

Keeping on Top of Homework

The best ways to make sure that you complete your homework on time and correctly is to create a plan regarding the assignment. This means that you should have a day planner or a calendar where you mark the deadlines for assignments. This will provide you with an easy way to track when assignments are due, allowing you to plan for them.

Why Do Homework?

Some courses require you to complete homework assignments as a part of your course grade. In these classes, there is a clear reason for doing your homework, as your grade will drop if you do not finish the assignments. For classes where homework is not necessary, the reasons for completing the work are not as clear to some people.

In order to explain why you should do homework it is important to know why homework is assigned. Professors give you homework as a means to practice the concepts learned during your classes. This means that homework benefits you as it allows you to embed the information deeper in your mind by performing exercises related to what you learned. For this reason, you should do homework.

When to Do Homework?

It is important to do homework on time, of course, but there are other stipulations related to completing homework. Generally, the homework you do is related to what you will be learning in your next class. This means you should attempt the assignment within a few days of the course to ensure it stays fresh in your head.


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