Socializing with a High GPA; How Can it be Done?

College Fun

The time spent at a college or university is generally characterized by two different phases for most students. The two phases are studying and leisure time for the majority of students at college. This dichotomy causes the time in college or university to be one of significant experiences. Students usually end their time at college or university with fond memories and greater pools of knowledge in their minds. This is because this time is one of great social and intellectual growth. You meet a variety of new people and gain many new friends as well as networking connections. The courses and experiences cause you to increase your intelligence, both educationally and through other forms. The key to having a successful college experience is to balance both of these forces and find a happy medium between fun and work.

Responsibilities Gained as a Student

There are a number of new responsibilities that come with being away from your parents at a college or university. Nobody will be reminding you to do your work and study for your exams. It will be your job to keep track of your educational duties and stay on top of them. You will also have to plan your meals, cleaning your dormitory or room, and finding ways to earn some money to spend on campus. These are important responsibilities but they come with the benefit of the freedom granted by living at school and away from your parents or guardians.

Midterms and Finals are Not Party Time!

It is not wrong to go out and have a good time with your friends. There is nothing wrong with going to a party or a bar or a club. These are all healthy and wholesome activities that allow you to relax and form relationships with other people. It is wrong, however, to indulge yourself in partying when you have important educational matters in the near future. You should not be attending parties or drinking the week before your midterms and finals. The time before these exams should be used exclusively to prepare for the tests and ensure that you can maintain a high grade point average by achieving good scores on the exams.

Daytime is Study Time

If you plan to party and maintain a high grade point average, your nights will be occupied with debauchery. This means that your days should be open and free for more constructive purposes. Reserve a couple of hours a day as your designated study hours. Make it a point to study during these specific hours and it will eventually become a habit that is impossible to break. Studying regularly ensures that the material you learned stays fresh in your brain and is easy to recollect during your exams.

Schedule Classes Around Your Sleep Schedule

Partying generally means you will have a hard time waking up early the day after your wild night. This means that you should try to schedule your classes so that they do not start earlier than a reasonable hour, say, eleven o clock.


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