Gradute School Search

While you are in your four years of college that is all you probably care to think about. But what about when you are nearing your senior year and grad school is looming? If you know what you are going to go to grad school for early, begin your search!

You do not need to go to the same school for grad school that you went to for your undergrad. Look around and see what schools suit your needs for what you would like to get your master’s in. There are so many schools available and so much to know, it is never too early to know what is out there.

The end of your junior year and beginning of your senior year are good times to start your search. The more you know the better decision you will make and master’s programs are very different from undergrad programs so schools approach them in a different way.

See if you can get a job that will cover some or all of the cost of grad school, since it is more popular for your job to cover that than undergrad. It is best to start this search early because you do not want to take too long between your undergrad and mater’s. Once you stop school, going back is one of the hardest things to do.

It is much easier to work and make a steady paycheck than jar your schedule with classes and projects. The sooner you begin your search the sooner it becomes a reality that grad school is near and no breaks will be taken in between undergrad and grad school. Thinking about taking a break in order to do research is the best way to procrastinate. Do not let this method get the best of you and consider looking as early as you can.

Grad school is like the final step to your education, depending on what you are going for. Some may have to continue on, but for many this is it, so make it the very best you can and have fun with your search!


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