Common Graduation Problems

Once you have finally made it through your four or five years of college it is time for you to graduate. You must feel elated! The funny thing is, now that you have made it this far the school is going to miss you so much they want to keep you there. Now, because they want to see you stay since you moving on with your life is too much for the school to handle many different issues might start to surface. Don’t think the school is trying to be mean…They just love you so much.

A few problems

A common issue comes about with degree evaluations. Sometimes it will appear as though you are missing a course or a grade isn’t showing up on the evaluation. What happens now and how did it happen in the first place? Considering there are so many students at any given college, these problems can occur because of a system or person error. If information needs to be manually entered or permitted it is very easy to make a mistake. These problems can fly under the radar until it is imperative to be correct such as during the time of your graduation. The best way to avoid this is by keeping track of your evaluation every semester so you know all of your classes are listed along with the correct grades.

Another problem that can occur is payment problems. There always seems to be some sort of issue with money during four or five years in school. It is up to you to make sure your money is in on time so there are no holds on your account. Again, the best way to do this is to keep up on your account and make sure there are no holds. Schools are usually better with this considering it hurts them and not you. If there is a hold on your account because of payment the school will have a way of informing you via E-mail or deregistering you from your courses. However, when you have an issue with your evaluation the school is not as quick to inform you of the mistake. Stay on top of your account to ensure none of this happens during crunch time.


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