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Thanks to what seems like a daily new development in technology, social media, and wireless Internet everywhere around us, this generation is always connected. This means sharing, using, and learning new information is easier then ever – news stories break on social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, and world events updates are literally at our fingertips. This is the information age, where there’s almost no excuse for not being current on events when you can hop online and, within seconds, have a library’s worth of information available to you.

This means that keeping your brain sharp and staying educated is not only easier than ever, but also more necessary than ever. Education is ongoing; it doesn’t need to stop once you have your diploma in hand. To stay ahead of the curve and at the top of your class, why not take some free online college courses?

Why Take More Classes?

Whether you’ve already earned a degree or not, whether you have a Masters or a high school diploma, there is always an opportunity for you to learn more and keep your education going. You may be wondering what exactly the point of that would be.

Simply put, knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you enable yourself to learn. The more knowledge you have, the more comprehensive your opinions and ideas tend to be. Imagine trying to solve that problem you’re having at work with only the knowledge and experience you had at age 12. Chances are, not only would that be challenging, but you also will have a much smaller body of knowledge to draw from in order to come to a solution.

By empowering yourself with more knowledge by taking college courses online for free, you create for yourself a broader information base and more tools to work with. What’s more, you may find a hidden passion you didn’t know you had, for anything from ancient mythology to plant biology.

How To Find Free Online Courses

No need to re-enroll in a college or university full – or even part- - time to feed your brain. There are plenty of options for online education that you don’t have to pay for or sacrifice a ton of time to. As noted, the information generation makes learning easier than ever. Thanks to YouTube and iTunes, you can download lessons and lectures on a variety of subjects and broaden your education on your own time

  • Open Culture – this website searches the Internet for educational media and hand-delivers it to individuals like you. With literally hundreds of courses available on a variety of subjects and topics, from humanities to languages to sciences, presented by tools (iTunes, YouTube) you likely already have, why woulndn’t you get started today? Visit to take your first steps.
  • Online Education Database – this site offers a few hundred more sources of educational media for student consumption, all brought to you by the best online colleges. You can begin your education in a natural science, arts and design, psychology, and so many more fields. Check out to see what your future holds.


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