4 Tips to Faster Working

We would all like to get more done in our day and fortunately there is a way for us to do that by simply adding in a few things and taking out others. It seems like no matter how much we accomplish in any given day, there is always more to do the following day. This is also very true for weekends and as a recent college student, I know the importance of getting everything done during the week so you can have some sort of weekend to recoup for the following week.

1. TV time – Turn off the TV. This is the biggest distraction at work and at home. Depending on your job you might work from home or in an office, but no matter where you are the TV tends to make you stray from your work. This is especially true for students doing homework. How can you focus on your work when you need to know what the characters are up to? Set aside a time for the TV to be turned on, but try to make it at night when things have already been accomplished.

2. Time goals – Try to give yourself time goals for certain things you would like to get done. By doing this you are creating almost a contest with yourself to see if you can get it done in that timeframe. For example, if you are trying to answer E-mails, try to see if you can get everything done in 45 minutes that way you do not get sidetracked.

3. Silence – Turn your phone to silent unless your job depends on it. Always leaving what you are doing to answer a text or an E-mail is time taken away from what you should be focusing on. Maybe check your phone every hour, but only check it once so you are not spending time texting when you should be doing something else.

4. Get up early – The earlier you get up the more you can get done in a day. If you get up early and have a cup of coffee before beginning your day, you will feel like you are ahead of the game and try to get everything done before you normally would. This is a great way to not only get everything done, but get it done early. If you practice this during the week you will hopefully enjoy a nice and relaxing weekend.


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