Eating Healthily for College

Keeping yourself in shape and maintaining your weight can be a difficult task in college. Many of your friends are going on late night food runs and living off diets of pizza and ramen noodles. The temptation to always join them in these ventures can be quite strong and it can change the slim body you had in high school to one with a beer belly and a few extra pounds. How can you avoid the pitfalls that cause many college students to gain the infamous freshman fifteen? Here are some tips for eating healthily in college:

Control Your Snacks

It is quite tempting to grab some cookies or candy during your studying or other daily activities. There is nothing wrong with having a nice afternoon or night snack, but it is important to control which type of snacks you are having. Many companies that have been notorious for creating high calorie snacks like Nabisco are embracing the healthy snack food movement quite vehemently. It is common to see '100 calorie packs' of various popular snack foods. Try to buy these packs as they ensure you do not overindulge in snacks because the entire bag only contains a reasonable amount of nutrients and calories.

Start Cooking More Often

The best way to control what you eat is to make it yourself. Not only is creating your own food healthier than eating out if you prepare the right type of meals, it is also much cheaper. When preparing your meals, some of the healthiest and nutritious food is also the tastiest. One of the best and easiest dishes to cook is to buy fresh chicken, chop it up into decently sized cubes, mix it with various vegetables, and toss it in a pan. This is a simple chicken stir-fry, and it comes out very tasty. Also, do not forget to marinade the chicken in whatever flavors tickle your fancy.

Stay Active

It does not matter what food you eat if you do not stay active and keep burning calories. If you are doing nothing, then the calories you consume from whatever you are eating will turn to fat instead of being used for your activities. You can stay active by going to the gym or playing sports, or doing a combination of the two. Playing sports will keep you lean and in shape, and is a good way to find new friends while playing on the court. Going to the gym is also a great way to build muscle and burn off fat.

Eat at a Reasonable Hour

Many of your friends are going on late night food runs, driving to fast food places like Taco Bell or McDonalds to get some food after a night of studying or partying. You must realize that you do not have to go along for the ride. Also, if you do go along, you do not have to eat. The stomach needs time to rest much like every other part of your body, and making it digest food overnight places undue stress on the organ.


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