Better Yourself While Earning Better Grades

We do not always make the best decisions for our well being, but sometimes you just feel like you need to let loose. This is fine, but do it in moderation.

If you have a lot of homework one weekend, you should realize it is okay to feel like a dork and stay home! This took me a very long time to realize; until my senior year, to be honest. I felt pressured to go out on the weekends, like I was a nerd if I stayed in.

Finally, I tried it my way one weekend and found myself ahead of the game while handing it great work. By doing so much work I was tired early and went to bed around the time my friends were just heading out. I learned more from taking care of me than my friends did drinking.

You must remember that you are number one. It is time to start thinking about your future and what will better you in the long run. By relaxing on the weekends your body has a chance to catch up on sleep and restore itself better than if you go out on these wild nights.

On those weekends home while you are relaxing, resting your computer on your lap and doing some homework is not a bad idea. Your body is rested and your mind is being kept sharp. You are also freeing up part of the upcoming week by getting some work done.

When you get ahead by staying home, your week will be easier and less stressful, which is when the following weekend you should take some time to go out and take a load off.

This process ensures your mind, body, soul, and school are all satisfied and you still get to have your fun over the weekend. It is a win/win for all!


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