Do it Once; Do it Right

Students almost seem like a different kind of breed. You have so much on your plates and so much is expected of you, yet you are still not out in the real world. Because of the limited time you have it can he bard to give everything the amount of time needed for it to be done right. This is a lesson it seems every student has learned the hard way, but your best bet is to put it off until you have the time so you can do it once, and only once.

Find the Time

Finding the time can be the trickiest part. You likely have a lot going on and let’s face it, you are not Father Time. Your best bet is to get very organized the week that this challenge needs to be completed. Try to get everything done ahead of time such as homework and studying. See if you can get your work hours in early so you can have the rest of the week off to focus solely on your project. You want to make sure that you have nothing going on or as few things as possible so nothing is interfering. When too many things get in the way of what you have to do, the big project suddenly gets pushed to the side and before you know it you are scrambling to finish it. You need to give big projects the proper amount of time whether they are for school or another reason; you do not want to have to re-do it.

Plan it Out

Once you have designated the time for it you should plan out your strategy for executing this big project. Figure out the order in which items should be completed so you can maximize your time. Having a well-thought-out plan will make the execution of the project that much easier. Try not to slack, because that goes back to doing it right the first time. If you slack in areas you are only just wasting your time. Try to stick to your plan and give it all you have got. Good luck!


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