Distractions While Studying: What to Avoid

The Importance of a High GPA

The purpose of going to a college or university is to obtain a successful foothold to your desired career after graduating. If you want to pursue a specialization that is of a white collar job description, you must earn a college degree (generally at least a bachelor's degree). Just getting a bachelor's degree from your college or university, however, is generally not enough to gain entrance to the job you seek. If you have a lousy grade point average, you can forget about working at one of your top choices. It is important to earn a high grade point average to graduate with in order to increase your odds of entering your desired career at the top level of the profession. In order to achieve the goal, you have to remember to study for your exams and prepare yourself properly for all of your courses.

Good Study Habits

The finest way to nearly guarantee that you will finish your undergraduate or graduate education with a good grade point average is to start and keep practicing good study habits. This means that you should develop a regular schedule for studying. Set aside an hour or two each day to review the material from all of your courses. Reviewing material periodically encourages your memory and makes it easier to remember the information that your professors impart to you.

Using a Computer?

Almost all college students have a computer in their rooms and use it for a number of different purposes. Many students utilize their computers as study aides since they take their notes on the machine and can research information that eludes them through the Internet. You should decide if using a computer to study is right for you. The computer provides a number of distractions from studying via the Internet. It is a common sight to see students at the library dozing off checking their Facebook profiles. If you feel that you can ignore these distractions, use the computer as it can make studying easier.

Find a Quiet Place to Work

Some of the most distracting elements to your studying are loud noises and people trying to talk to you. If you live with several roommates or in a dormitory with many people it is nearly inevitable that you will be subject to noise where you live. Rather than asking all of the people where you live to quiet down, simply eliminate yourself from the situation and find a quiet place to work. The best place to go is usually the library or if it is a nice day out an open field free from distractions.

Avoid Studying Before Events

Since studying is definitely not the most exciting thing you can do, other exciting ventures may distract you. If there is a concert you are interested in seeing in the next couple hours or some other event you want to go to, do not start studying before it. It is better to attend what you want to go to and study after, provided that you have a study schedule and are not procrastinating until the day before an exam.


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